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Sterling Silver Bracelets and Cuff Bracelets with Shell and Gemstones

~Designed in Bali

Bracelets are one of the must haves in the summertime when wearing a short sleeve top or t-shirt.  They are also a perfect accessories for any holiday season.

Sterling Silver Woven Cuff Bracelet ~Designed in Bali

Our collection of Sterling Silver Bracelets from Bali are of exceptional quality and design, some modern and some traditional styling.

Some Bracelets are inlaid with Amethysts, Baltic Amber, and Black Onyx Gemstones. Others are Designed with Beautiful Abalone and Black Shell. Enjoy!!

Please note that the Shopping Cart has now been turned off this site.  I have opened up a new Website and now all the items have been moved over there.  Please go to to view everything. 

Today I will be re-directing this site to my New and Improved Website. 

My new site will be much more user friendly with larger and more pictures per peice, a very thorough menu and links that will take you directly to related products.

It's coming along beautifully and I am sure you will love it too.

No doubt there will be changes with the layout but it won't take long to get used to it~I assure you.

Please check in daily and once you are redirected make sure you bookmark my new website!!

Cheers Cindy  

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