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Rings from Israel
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Sterling Silver Rings with Gemstones

~Designed in Israel

As this is a very busy time of year with Show casing my Jewelry at various Shows around town~ I am trying as best I can to upload my new Fall Arrivals.  However this does take much time and I would like you to be able to see them.  

Here is a link for your viewing and if you would like more details, please contact me with your questions to 

Nov. 2013~New Fall Arrivals~Sterling Silver Rings from Israel

Please note that the Shopping Cart has now been turned off this site.  I have opened up a new Website and now all the items have been moved over there.  Please go to to view everything. 

Today I will be re-directing this site to my New and Improved Website. 

My new site will be much more user friendly with larger and more pictures per peice, a very thorough menu and links that will take you directly to related products.

It's coming along beautifully and I am sure you will love it too.

No doubt there will be changes with the layout but it won't take long to get used to it~I assure you.

Please check in daily and once you are redirected make sure you bookmark my new website!!

Cheers Cindy  

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